Contacts between nucleotides in a tetracycline aptamer

This example reproduces a figure from the publication “StreAM-Tg: algorithms for analyzing coarse grained RNA dynamics based on Markov models of connectivity-graphs” 1.

The figure displays a coarse grained model of a tetracycline aptamer and highlights interacting nucleotides based on a cutoff distance.


S Jager, B Schiller, P Babel, M Blumenroth, T Strufe and K Hamacher, “StreAM-Tg: algorithms for analyzing coarse grained RNA dynamics based on Markov models of connectivity-graphs.” Algorithms Mol Biol 12 (2017).

# Code source: Patrick Kunzmann
# License: CC0

import numpy as np
import biotite.structure as struc
import as mmtf
import biotite.database.rcsb as rcsb
import ammolite

PNG_SIZE = (800, 800)
mmtf_file ="3EGZ", "mmtf"))
structure = mmtf.get_structure(mmtf_file, model=1)
aptamer = structure[struc.filter_nucleotides(structure)]

# Coarse graining: Represent each nucleotide using its C3' atom
aptamer = aptamer[aptamer.atom_name == "C3'"]
# Connect consecutive nucleotides
indices = np.arange(aptamer.array_length())
aptamer.bonds = struc.BondList(
    np.stack((indices[:-1], indices[1:]), axis=-1)

pymol_obj = ammolite.PyMOLObject.from_structure(aptamer)"sticks")"spheres")
ammolite.cmd.set("stick_color", "red")
ammolite.cmd.set("stick_radius", 0.5)
ammolite.cmd.set("sphere_scale", 1.0)
ammolite.cmd.set("sphere_quality", 4)

# Adjust camera
ammolite.cmd.rotate("z", 90)
nucleotide contacts

# Find contacts within cutoff distance
adjacency_matrix = struc.CellList(aptamer, CUTOFF) \
for i, j in zip(*np.where(adjacency_matrix)):
    pymol_obj.distance("", i, j, show_label=False, gap=0)

ammolite.cmd.set("dash_color", "firebrick")

# Add black outlines
ammolite.cmd.set("ray_trace_mode", 1)
ammolite.cmd.set("ray_trace_disco_factor", 0.5)
# sphinx_gallery_thumbnail_number = 2
nucleotide contacts

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